Weekly Newsletter from Rep. Miller

Miller Votes No on Carbon Capture and Sequestration Legislation

 Senate Bill 1289 

“We don’t have a climate crisis in Illinois, but what we do have is a crisis of common sense. This legislation will not prevent a crisis but will create one by making energy completely unreliable and unaffordable for American industries and American consumers. If we eliminate all carbon from our atmosphere green plants won’t grow. This bill was crafted to please Biden and progressive environmental donors.”

Read Full Press Release: repcmiller.com/2024/05/28/miller-votes-no-on-carbon-capture-and-sequestration-legislation/

The Governor Signed Democrat’s $53.1 Billion Budget

With $750 million Tax Increase Included

Read the Story Here:


Grotesquely Irresponsible

Chicago is spending over $400 million of taxpayer dollars this year because of Democrats’ open border policies and the city’s ‘sanctuary state’ status. This money is being diverted from LEGAL Chicago residents, and the costs continue to mount across the state of Illinois.

The taxpayer-funded spending spree is contributing to free health care, housing, education and transportation (among other things) for NON-AMERICAN CITIZENS.


‘SUSTAINABLITY’- One of The Left’s Favorite Words

What is truly NOT sustainable is BAD POLICY.

Democrats now want to force battery producers to pay a $100,000 annual fee to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency so they can create battery collection sites for disposal or recycling.

Sounds great, right?

Until you consider that this will probably be yet another unaccountable (and likely corrupt) Illinois government program that will ultimately cost consumers and give drooling bureaucrats a big payout.


Fighting Bad Ideas from Democrats Is Exhausting

As our Illinois governor continues to squander millions of OUR dollars on a losing proposition, Republicans are calling for Chinese electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturers like Gotion (with their sites set on Manteno, IL) to hit the bricks.

Because Chinese supply chains are using forced labor, a group of United States Republican lawmakers want their companies with ties to Ford and Volkswagen to be banned from shipping goods to the U.S.


In the meantime, Ford itself is reporting that “gas cars are not being eliminated. Period. The truth is simple: EV’s are not sustainable as the main source of vehicular transportation”.


Not sure what the real question is here… The answer seems pretty obvious.

Will The Cheating Finally Stop?

Probably not, but this may be a small step in the right direction.

On June 5th, Sangamon County Circuit Judge Gail Noll put a permanent hold on the sneaky Illinois Democrat Supermajority’s attempt to rewrite the rules on how political parties can select their candidates. It was their brazen attempt to block Republican candidates from challenging their Democrat state lawmakers in the November election.


The Obvious Need for Pension Reform

New Trier Township HS District 203’s Superintendent Paul Sally is set to retire next year, and he will be receiving lifetime pension benefits of nearly $8 million- courtesy of YOU.

We can’t blame him for taking what he has been offered by our irresponsible lawmakers, but Illinois’ government pension systems are out of control. The private sector cannot offer these kinds of protected benefits, and taxpayers are the ones forced to pay the price for them.


June is National Dairy Month! This month is a celebration of dairy products and the dairy industry as a whole. Thank you to dairy farmers across the country for your continued work to provide Americans with nutritious, vitamin-rich dairy.

It’s Not Crazy-Hot Yet…

…But it will be soon!

Chill out at some of Illinois’ best waterslides, wave pools and lazy rivers this summer:


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