Miller Votes No on Carbon Capture and Sequestration Legislation

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State Representative Chris Miller

Springfield, IL… State Representative Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro) votes no to legislation that allows Illinois to create permitting regulations for carbon capture, transport, and sequestration. Rep. Miller says Senate Bill 1289 is nothing more than a push by radical Democrats to please their climate donors.

“We don’t have a climate crisis in Illinois, but what we do have is a crisis of common sense,” said Miller. “This legislation will not prevent a crisis but will create one by making energy completely unreliable and unaffordable for American industries and American consumers. If we eliminate all carbon from our atmosphere green plants won’t grow. This bill was crafted to please Biden and progressive environmental donors.”

SB 1289 inflicts a system to install underground carbon capture wells on sites that infringe on landowners who oppose the operation. Many landowners are very concerned over high-pressure CO2 being stored underground, clean water being contaminated, and the risk of environmental disasters. Republicans say these future projects will come with a very high cost to taxpayers and businesses compared to neighboring states.

Rep. Miller continued, “The Mahomet Aquifer does not have adequate protections against carbon capture wells. If a disaster were to occur, over 800,000 residents in Central Illinois who rely on clean drinking water would be negatively impacted. Despite requests for improvements, the Democrats passed this legislation that increases environmental risks to humans and agriculture. The confiscation of property is what Chinese Communists countries do.”

SB 1289 passed through the General Assembly and awaits the Governor’s signature to be signed into law.

For more information, please contact Rep. Miller’s office at (217) 508-4108

Representative Chris Miller serves the constituents of Illinois’ 101st House District that includes parts of Coles County, including portions of Champaign, Douglas, and Vermilion Counties along the I-57 corridor.