New Legislation Filed for This Session

February 9, 2024 was the deadline for legislators to file bills for the upcoming session. Like everything else in Springfield, though, there is always a way to get past any deadline. So, if you have an idea for legislation that would improve how the state operates, please let me know and I will investigate filing legislation or getting a rule change.

Here is a look at some of the important legislation I have filed for this session:

  • HB 5464 – Prevents public schools from using e-learning so that school facilities can house migrants
  • HB 4345 – Prevents foreign ownership of agricultural land
  • HB 4262 – Requires informed consent of patient prior to an abortion
  • HB 4405 – Provides a 75%- or 50%-income tax credit based on age for property taxes paid
  • HB 5163 – Requires safety policies to be in place before schools can offer online database resources to children in grades K-12.

The entire list of legislation I have filed or co-sponsored can be found at this link:

The list includes legislation filed for the entirety of the 103rd General Assembly.

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