Chicago Policies on Crime Is Reducing Public Safety

Image credit: CWBChicago

Chicago Crime

Chicago crime is spiraling out of control under JB Pritzker and Brandon Johnson. Every weekend, headline articles take over the newspapers and internet highlighting how many people lost their lives or were shot. For example, over the July 4th weekend, the city of Chicago saw more than 100 people shot and 19 killed (including innocent children).

The State of Illinois needs to restore law and order to reduce crime. Police officers need support so they can enforce current laws that improve public safety. However, Democrats seem to think creating policies that don’t hurt feelings will protect communities and save lives. The contract with the ShotSpotter gunfire detection system used in Chicago to enhance emergency response times will not be renewed.

Chris Taliaferro, an alderman who chairs the City Council’s Committee on Police and Fire said this:

“I am deeply disappointed that we will no longer be using the ShotSpotter technology to help our officers respond to calls more rapidly, render aid to gunshot victims in a more timely manner and ultimately save lives,” he said in an email to NPR. “This has been a valuable tool for our police officers in high crime police districts, where some of them average a murder nearly every two weeks.”

Now we have progressive “reform” activists going after police officers for conducting reasonable traffic stops. But it doesn’t stop there, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said her office is developing a policy not to prosecute gun, theft, and drug charges stemming from certain traffic stops. Foxx said the policy would be “a public safety enhancement effort.”

For years, Democrats have crafted propaganda to twist the reasoning of rising crime in Chicago. Republicans stand together with one notion of reducing crime: enforce our current laws and let police officers protect and serve our communities with the tools they need to maintain law and order.