Gut and Replace Carbon Capture Bill Passes House

Illinois is Best Friends with Biden’s “Green New Deal”

After the radical Democrats decided to gut and replace a dental insurance bill, they passed a Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS) bill through the House. They admitted they have worked on this legislation for about five years, which makes me question why they waited until budget deadline to call it. Senate Bill 1289 creates new regulations for their progressive agenda to “save the planet” by capturing carbon.

They are willing to impose an eminent domain-like system to install carbon capture wells in places regardless of landowners opposition. Private property rights are the backbone of American freedom and ownership of land should not be infringed upon. My promise to my constituents in the 101st District who oppose this land grabbing legislation is that I will fight for every landowner to protect their property from a tyrannical government.

The Democrats showed no concerns today about the long-term risks of storing CO2 underground. There is no doubt there is a high risk of polluting our clean water and creating environmental disasters. Furthermore, this legislation does not contain adequate protections for the Mahomet Aquifer and the 800,000 residents of central Illinois who rely on it for clean drinking water. It’s a bad bill that’s supported by federal subsidies created by Biden and Illinois jumped on the bandwagon.

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