My Colleagues and I Support The Women of Illinois

I stood with my colleagues today at the Capitol to support all women across Illinois. Republicans stand behind women and strongly support House Bill 5830 which sets protections on women’s sports and personal spaces.

HB5830 supports all women in Illinois by defining the terms “Woman” and “Man”, “Female” and “Male”, and “Mother” and “Father”. This bill will prohibit anyone from redefining the proper words to accommodate the feelings of persons who “identify” as anything other than their biological sex.

Biological males have no place in women locker rooms, restrooms, dormitories, or any place that is designated for women only.

It’s simple: God created man and God created woman

“We live in a fantasy land Democrats have created and their dangerous ideologies are making real women feel unsafe, not protected, and scared of standing up for their beliefs. I co-sponsored HB5830 because the strong women in Illinois deserve to have their own personal space without worrying about a biological male infringing on their privacy.”