Democrats Quickly Create and Pass Election Omnibus Bill


Springfield, IL…The progressive Democrats yet again, used their sneaky tactics to bypass the legislative process to swiftly pass an election omnibus bill on the House floor. Republicans stood in unity to protest the dirty move by Democrats and voted “present” to SB2412. State Representative Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro) is fed up with the lack of transparency, election interference, and corruption from power hungry Democrats.

“Yesterday we witnessed a brazen attack against Illinois democracy and residents are once again left in the dark by the Democrat party,” said Rep. Miller. “This bill that was filed last-minute, downright lacks transparency and is a political hack to suppress Republicans from filling ballot vacancies. Pritzker and Co. know we have a failing president, so they change our state election laws to favor their own party with desperate measures.”

SB2412 is a mirror of corrupt politicians and their motives, noted Miller, and cited the bill as another election year gimmick crafted by the “Bad Idea Factory” and is an illusion that Democrats care about Illinois residents. The playbook of intimidation and fear-mongering is used by progressives to get their way and cheats constituents from knowing the truth.

“House Republicans will always represent the people of Illinois with transparency, truth, and honest democracy,” continued Miller. “Our party has legislation on the table for immediate tax relief and ethics reform, yet Democrats refuse to acknowledge commonsense bills. We will continue to stand for what is right for the state of Illinois and fight to protect ethical legislative practices within the General Assembly.”

For more information, please contact Rep. Miller’s office at (217) 508-4108

Representative Chris Miller serves the constituents of Illinois’ 101st House District that includes parts of Coles County, including portions of Champaign, Douglas, and Vermilion Counties along the I-57 corridor.


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