CTU Embraces Handouts to Non-Citizens

Photo credit: Illinois Policy

The Chicago Teacher’s Union (CTU) is toxic and their notion of giving $2k (taxpayer money) to each asylum-seeking  student is insane. When do the handouts end? Rather than promoting lessons on how to build strong work ethic, Democrats always use their “handout card” to brush issues under the rug. We have homeless veterans on the streets that could use $2k but non-citizens are a priority for the majority party.

Read the article and see the CTU contract proposal:


I’m not sure why anyone would think this idea holds any true purpose other than buying votes. The immigration crisis is only going to get worse as our state continues to pay for services using taxpayer money. The quality of life for hard-working families is being reduced while illegals and non-citizens are being treated with the utmost respect for breaking our laws.

Growing Costs of Illegal Immigrants on Illinois Taxpayers