Rep. Miller Votes NO to Pritzker’s Massive Health Insurance Change

Last night, we saw Pritzker enter the House chambers before HB5395 was called. Like clockwork, Democrats hide their most controversial bills from Republicans until the last minute so no one has time to analyze the true intention of the bills. This was the case last night with HB5395 when I gave it a hard NO vote.

Only in Illinois can the General Assembly pass a bill that increases insurance premiums for hard-working families, and could spend more taxpayer dollars on free healthcare for illegal immigrants , and call it a success. Although there are a few positive changes in network adjustments, Democrats are once again are putting political games over true reforms. Expanding Medicaid, which we all know benefits illegals, is a complete washout for any positive legislation.

The working families of Illinois are beyond tired of footing the bill for unsustainable and emotionally driven public policy. Taxpayers deserve support from their government, but here in Illinois, that seems to be replaced with mandates and redistribution of wealth.

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