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It’s a miracle. These remarkable animals eat a diet of various grains and grasses and turn that into protein and nutrient-rich beef that nourishes humanity.

Foolish politicians, like Gov. Pritzker, and rent-seeking companies instead use your tax money to subsidize the production of experimental fake meat and bug-based protein substitutes.

I posted the article below and it got a lot of attention so I am sharing it in my newsletter. What the article doesn’t say is that “the company is getting $15 million through a combination of tax credits from the state’s EDGE program, as well as grants and loans,” according to a Crains article to make fake meat. It is an affront to every meat producer in the state.

Read the Patch article from September 2023 HERE.

Here’s the GOOD news – last month Upside Foods, the fake meat company, announced that they are putting their expansion plans in Illinois on hold.  Good riddance.

Activist Board Cares More About Criminals Than Illinoisans

Governor Pritzker has assembled a group of leftist activists to his Prisoner Review Board who let a violent felon back into Illinois society. Pritzker’s board of ‘experts’ released Crosetti Brand who went on to murder an 11 year old and stab the child’s mother (Brand’s ex-girlfriend) the day after they released him from Stateville Prison in Joliet. This is just one chilling example of why it is so dangerous and reprehensible to prioritize politics over public safety.

Who is on the governor’s board?


Illinois Republicans are calling for reform:


Population Decline a Very Serious Issue for Illinois

Population decline is caused by High Taxes, Corruption, and Burdensome Regulations and all these issues drive people away from Illinois. Republicans have legislation that would improve our state, but Democrats seem to be more concerned about their pork projects and creating more taxes for legal residents.

Read more: A statewide concern: Illinois’ population decline outpaces neighboring states (newschannel20.com)


If laws are being arbitrarily applied, why have them at all?

Earlier this month, Northern District of Illinois federal Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman ruled in favor of a foreign national who was charged with the unlawful possession of a firearm that he claimed was used in self-defense. The judge deemed that the law in place that was cited for his conviction violates the Second Amendment.

Her decision has kicked a hornet’s nest and will likely head to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Why The Obsession with Preschool Funding?

Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past, Kindergarten wasn’t even considered necessary.

Fast forward to today, the government wants to control every aspect of raising America’s children-

and there is BIG MONEY to be made doing it.

The Illinois Democrat Supermajority and teachers’ unions have already proven beyond a doubt that spending more money on public schools and administrators does not translate into producing successful students and rewarding hard working teachers.

So why is Governor Pritzker now pushing for millions of taxpayer dollars to be spent on toddlers?


How Safe Are Illinois’ Bridges?

After the recent and tragic bridge accident in Baltimore, traffic and infrastructure all across the country need to be scrutinized.

Many factors contribute to the safety of a sound public transportation system.

How does Illinois measure up?


Brighten Up Your Kitchen for Springtime!

From towels to mugs to fun bakeware, there are lots of inexpensive ways to liven up your kitchen to usher in the new season!

Here are a few ideas for inspiration:




I Want to Hear from My Constituents

There are critical challenges facing the state and several tough decisions to be made by legislators. Your voice makes a difference. It’s important to me that I hear from you on the issues we currently have in Illinois. Your response to the survey questions is valuable and will be my guide to be your voice at the Capitol. My constituents are my priority and I want to hear from you.


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