Weekly Newsletter from Rep. Miller

I love it when student groups come to Springfield to learn about state government. If your group is interested in a tour and a meeting with me to discuss the issues of the day, please contact my office. I would be happy to meet with you.

Pictured below are students representing Coles, Moutrie, Enerstar and Eastern Illini Electric Cooperatives.

You Get What You (Don’t) Ask For, Illinois

Considering the deeply troubling crises in Illinois like crime, illegal immigration, crippling taxes and failing public education (just to name a few), voters should have turned out in full force this primary season. But according to the Chicago Board Of Elections, a record low of 20.2% of Chicago voters cast a ballot. Elsewhere in the state, (from Decatur to Mattoon to Rockford), a shockingly low turnout of just 12% of voters cared to show up.

You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge.


Democrat Judge Allows Illegal Migrants To Carry Guns

Obama-appointed Illinois U.S. District Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman recently dismissed charges against Heriberto Carbajal-Flores, (living in the U.S. illegally), who was arrested in 2020 for violating a federal law that prohibits undocumented immigrants from possessing guns. She is apparently sympathetic toward what she called his right to defend himself during the civil unrest in the summer of 2020.

Does her defense of 2nd Amendment rights equally apply to law abiding Americans?

The ruling will set up a potential U.S. Supreme Court case to determine the extent of 2nd Amendment rights for the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the country.


Pritzker’s Irresponsible Spending

While Illinoisans are struggling to pay for gas and put food on the table, Governor Pritzker’s Democrat Supermajority is pushing to spend more and more taxpayer money on illegal migrants.

During a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing in Springfield on Wednesday, it was pointed out that last fiscal year, $1.2 million went to a newly created office called ‘The Governor’s Office of New Americans’.  Curious title for people in the country who are not legally Americans.

No one knows where this money is actually going, and it’s in addition to the already hundreds of millions of Illinois taxpayer dollars being spent on healthcare alone for illegal migrants.


The state’s appellate courts are drowning in cases filed by criminal defendants challenging their pretrial detention which is forcing the Illinois Supreme Court to make some changes. The recently established ‘Pretrial Release Appeals Task Force’ has called the surge ‘staggering’ and many of their recommendations will take effect in April.


When Our ‘Leaders’ Live In La La Land…

The delusional electric vehicle (EV) Democrat policies in Illinois are consistent with those on a national scale, and none of them are benefitting us in any way. Democrat solutions for just about everything involve spending obscene amounts of taxpayer money on unproven and ineffective ideas that almost always crash and burn.

Governor Pritzker and his Democrat Supermajority don’t seem to care, and they’re spending billions of OUR hard-earned dollars betting on the EV dream. Last week, the Illinois Department of Transportation announced round one of the Illinois National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program, which will provide up to $50 million for the construction of 46 charging stations across the state.


(DEI) Has No Place in Our Schools

DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) is poisonous to our students and it lowers educational standards. Illinois schools are being under attack by Democratic propaganda of “Creating a Fair Environment” and students are being indoctrinated by a fallacy. We need to put a hard stop to this divisive movement and protect our schools and students from progressive policies that reduce quality education. The idea of fostering segregation to create a fair playing field is absurd. Democrats are creating chaos within our public schools and wonder why parents are seeking alternative education options for their kids.

How DEI is playing out in Illinois schools


Allergies? Try Local Honey!

There are many health benefits derived from unfiltered honey produced by local hives. One of them that might be of particular interest this time of year is combatting pollen allergies.

Check out your nearby stores and farmers markets to find out who produces your local honey!


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