Biden Flies Illegal Immigrants into U.S.

When you think Biden and Democrats can’t get any more crazy! We now know that Biden has flown over 300,000 illegal immigrants into our country. They simply login to an illegal app, and book their flights to a destination they choose. This is outrageous and every American should be furious about this full-blown invasion of our country. For anyone who thinks this invasion is not by design, think again. Democrats are literally flying in voters from other countries because they know they can’t win fairly.

This is a prime example of our democracy being under attack. Make no mistake, our country is intentionally being transformed into a society of socialism and Marxism. We need every American to defend their Constitutional rights from a Government who uses its power against the people of this great nation.

Watch the Video for more details:


The Illinois TRUST Act, enacted in 2017, made Illinois a “sanctuary state” for undocumented immigrants. The TRUST Act prohibits local law enforcement in Illinois from participating in immigration enforcement. There are approximately 628,000 undocumented immigrants in Illinois, costing Illinois taxpayers an estimated $2.9 billion annually. We must repeal the TRUST Act to end Illinois’ sanctuary state status and stop the flow of undocumented immigrants into Illinois.

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