Rep. Miller Talks About Pritzker’s Spending Spree


Springfield, IL…State Representative Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro) is very concerned about Pritzker’s budget proposal. The largest budget proposal in Illinois history is loaded with tax increases. The quality of life for Illinois residents continues to get worse under the tyranny of taxation through Democrat policies.

“One of the most alarming aspects of this budget is that taxpayers are hit again while Illinois has been bleeding population,” said Rep. Miller. “It’s projected that Illinois will lose one or two more congressional seats by 2030.”

Governor Pritzker has been under fire after his State of The State Address on February 21,2024. He said the future is bright, but Illinois residents feel overwhelmed by property taxes and funding illegal immigrants. This budget is nothing more than a taxpayer ATM for Pritzker and the Democrats.

Illinois has the second highest property tax rate in the nation and third highest corporate tax rate. The state is also happy to use tax dollars to fund $2.8 billion worth of welfare for illegal immigrants.

Rep. Miller continues: “Pritzker said, “taxpayers’ dollars are precious” and yet the out-of-control spending is on target for FY25. One thing I want to pledge to my constituents, is that I will never vote to raise your taxes.” 


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