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Democrat Spending in ALL the Wrong Areas

Rep. Miller Responds to Pritzker’s State of The State Lies

Springfield, IL…Governor Pritzker once again touted Democrat policies and how they are making Illinois great for families and businesses. His State of The State Address focused on everything except real issues facing Illinois. State Representative Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro) is not surprised by the lies told during Pritzker’s speech at the Illinois Capitol.

“It’s the same old story with Pritzker and the Democrats, they support woke ideologies and the notion of creating a welfare state for illegals,” said Rep. Miller. “Illinois residents deserve truth, logic, and commonsense from the Governor of Illinois.”

Last year, Democrats ignored warnings about making long-term spending promises with one-time federal aid. Now that those funds are gone, the state faces a projected shortfall. We cannot afford any more flawed budgets. It’s time for a responsible, transparent state budget with no new taxes on our residents.

The 2024 Budget & State of The State Address is supposed to offer transparency to Illinois residents. Unfortunately, Governor Pritzker continues to fail everyone in Illinois, except for criminals and illegal immigrants. Sadly, we are looking at another year of the Democrat’s agenda of Illinois last.

Rep. Miller continued: “This budget is the largest we have seen, and it’s grown by $17 Billion since I took office. Democrats are spending more money and Illinois is losing more corporations, more population, and energy independence has been erased.”


The Lowdown on Pritzker’s Budget Address

Governor Pritzker has deceptively touted his budgets as being ‘balanced’ for years.

That means absolutely nothing.

What really matters is how his new proposed budget will directly affect your family and how the effects will ripple across the entire state of Illinois.

This year the Governor proposed $1 billion in new taxes, primarily on businesses and an estimated $325 million in property tax increases. You will not read about the property tax increase anywhere because the Governor deceptively says he is giving people a break by abolishing the 1 percent tax on groceries and medicine. What the Governor didn’t say is that the entire grocery tax is remitted back to your local city. So, in effect he is taking away millions of dollars from local towns which will need to raise that money in other ways, mostly through a increase in local sales or property taxes.

I support doing away with the tax and a couple years ago, the Governor suspended the grocery tax and backfilled the local governments from state money. That’s not what the Governor is proposing this time. And, unfortunately, the Democrats have added numerous unfunded mandates on cities and towns, so they need to pay for those somehow and they will do so by raising your property taxes.

That’s not good. Illinois STILL has the second highest property taxes in the country.

We need to eliminate the tax and release local towns from unfunded mandates. The Governor is pandering to people about tax relief instead of lowering the cost of government and lowering taxes permanently.

Here’s a few additional items of concern in the Governor’s State of the State/Budget Address:

  •  $2 billion in new spending proposed over last years budget. Read more here.

  • $1 billion in new business taxes.
  • Migrant spending will increase by $182 million. However, that does not include non-citizen healthcare and is subject to change.
  • Like student loan bailouts, he plans to spend $10 million to pay off people’s medical debt.

Read more reaction on the  budget at this link:

You can read a text transcript of the State of the State address here:

Pritzker’s Magic Money Maker?

Governor Pritzker is either delusional, dishonest or both. In his budget address on February 21 he boldly claimed that he intends to fund Illinois’ pensions 90% by fiscal year 2045 and a full 100% by 2048.

He actually said this: “Our FY25 budget proposal makes some hard choices. I wish we had big surpluses to work with this year to take on every one of the very real challenges we face. It’s important to note, that while this budget is tight this year, our fiscal house is in order, and we are able to keep our commitments to the people of Illinois.”


Cancel Your Spring Break Travel Plans

YOUR money is needed to pay for illegal migrants in Illinois to travel wherever they want to go!

At least 3,194 individuals have received financial support from the state of Illinois to reunite with friends and family in other states and U.S. cities since mid-November, according to state data provided to the Tribune on Feb. 14. The state has spent over $620,000 on travel tickets and taxi fares to airports, trains or bus stations to connect with family and friends, which city and state officials call “diversion and outmigration.”

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