Middle-Aged Chinese Migrants Quickly Pouring into Our Country

We are witnessing the largest migrant crisis in U.S. history. According to recent news, Chinese migrants are the fastest growing group illegally crossing into the U.S. The majority of these people are middle-aged men, which raises a lot of questions about what their motive is.


I have very strong concerns about what is taking place with our open border policy. Democrats in Illinois take the House floor and say “no one illegal on stolen land” and reference our ancestors that came to America. First of all, our ancestors obtained citizenship legally through federal laws and were seeking the American Dream. What we are seeing now is an invasion, period. There might be a handful of people who will respect our country; however, what we have seen so far are criminals who don’t share American values. Now, we are witnessing middle-aged Chinese men quickly pouring into our great nation. I have a big problem with not knowing what their motive is and our government not tracking them. We have Communist China deliberately sending their people here by the thousands! Are they spies? Will they be joining our military for naturalization citizenship? Are they going to create malware and attack our power grids?


Our national security risks have never been higher, thanks to Biden. His administration and partisan policies have a direct impact on Illinois. The Department of Homeland and Security (DHS) has no clue who is coming to our country and what their mission is. We don’t know how many illegal immigrants, including Chinese, are in Illinois and what they’re doing. Pritzker keeps saying “they just want to work” but I’m not buying it. We have a serious issue and I think it’s bigger than what we know.

More than 20,000 Chinese nationals have illegally crossed since the new fiscal year began on Oct. 1