My Thoughts on Progressive Pritzker and Democrat’s Spending Spree

This week we heard many uplifting sound bites from Governor Pritzker that hold no truth. The only truth that was spoken, is hard-working Illinois families will be hit with MORE TAXES! The Democrat’s reckless spending spree continues into FY25 with more borrowing. The largest budget in state history will continue to increase under the Progressive Pritzker administration.

Here is my pledge to my constituents in the 101st District

Illinois has critical issues that need addressed, but Democrats are setting priorities in all the wrong areas. They stand on the House floor and say “no one is illegal on stolen land” while cheering for an open border and handouts. They obviously support MS-13 Gang Members, Human Traffickers, and Chinese Spies making our great nation their new home. It’s unbelievable, and American values are being attacked by the radical left with taxpayer dollars! We will not stand for this insanity.