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New Legislation Filed for This Session

February 9, 2024 was the deadline for legislators to file bills for the upcoming session. Like everything else in Springfield, though, there is always a way to get past any deadline. So, if you have an idea for legislation that would improve how the state operates, please let me know and I will investigate filing legislation or getting a rule change..

Here is a look at some of the important bills I have filed for this session:

  • HB 5464 – Prevents public schools from using e-learning so that school facilities can house migrant
  • HB 4345 – Prevents foreign ownership of agricultural land
  • HB 4262 – Requires informed consent of patient prior to an abortion
  • HB 4405 – Provides a 75%- or 50%-income tax credit based on age for property taxes paid
  • HB 5163 – Requires safety policies to be in place before schools can offer online database resources to children in grades K-12.

The entire list of legislation I have filed or co-sponsored can be found at this link:


The list includes legislation filed for the entirety of the 103rd General Assembly.

Rep. Chris Miller: Champaign and Coles County Set to Receive OSLAD Grants

Springfield, IL…Several counties across Illinois will soon receive grants to improve public parks and nature areas. The Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) Program will be funding projects for Champaign and Coles County in the 101st District. State Representative Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro) says the funding will benefit families and the communities.

“The efforts to improve and expand forest preserves and recreational areas in the 101st District is fantastic for families who enjoy outdoor activities,” said Rep. Miller. “Investing in the preservation of our land builds a happier and healthier community for everyone that enjoy what our parks and preserves have to offer.”

 The (OSLAD) Program is a state-financed grant program that helps fund public parks and open land which is managed by the Department of Natural Resources. The grants are only eligible for local government agencies.

Champaign County will receive $1,125,000 to expand existing forest preserve by about 150 aces.

Coles County and the city of Mattoon will receive about $600,000 to improve recreational areas such as the Marina and campgrounds.

Both these grants will have a direct impact on the public and will ensure the safety and preservation of land for families to enjoy. Investing in the improvements of conservation is not just great for nature, but also the well-being of people who use the outdoors as an outlet to relax and unplug from day-to-day work life.


The Reality of Illegal Immigration

Governor Pritzker likes to avoid talking about the reality of our illegal immigration crisis. When our governor is forced to answer questions and concerns, he perpetually lies! What we do know to be true is more crime is occurring, taxpayers are being taken advantage of, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. This ongoing designed crisis is causing havoc across cities, specifically Chicago. Below you will see what’s really going on in Illinois which is why my Republican colleagues and I are calling for the Illinois TRUST Act to be Repealed Immediately.

See the Numbers – Know What It Is Costing You

Click on the Link Below


The Cost of Being A ‘Welcoming’ State? BILLION$

Illinois’ sanctuary state policies that provide free healthcare, shelter, food, transportation, legal services and other benefits to illegal migrants have now attracted ‘asylees’ to the tune of at LEAST $2.2 billion of taxpayers’ money in just the past two years.

The word ‘accountability’ does not exist in the Illinois Democrat Supermajority’s vocabulary, and you can see for yourself how reckless they are being with YOUR money in this detailed report:


Weak Local Leaders Buckle in Exchange for Pritzker’s ‘Free Money’ Offers

First there were the desperate incompetents who were willing to sell out their communities to Chinese battery company Gotion because it’s the only thing Governor Pritzker had to offer. He is running legitimate American companies out of Illinois at an alarming and shameful rate of speed.

Now, other gullible and short-sighted local leaders pathetically want to accept millions of dollars in funny money to take on the burden of caring for the onslaught of illegal migrants that Pritzker Democrats invited into Illinois in the first place but are unwilling to take responsibility for.

Watch the video of the Village President in Glen Ellyn, Illinois as he is questioned about the housing of migrants in his town.


Illinois’ Dreadful Education System Is Getting National Attention

Most of Illinois’ children can’t read, teachers unions wield all the power, and all school choice in Illinois has been killed. The statistics that back up the dire situation in the Illinois public school system are getting the attention of outspoken and high-profile people like Elon Musk and Vivek Ramaswamy.

Take a look at this report to see what they are reacting to:


Simultaneously, the Illinois State Board of Education and a group by the name of ‘Funding Illinois’ Future’ are pleading with Pritzker’s Democrat Supermajority to give them OVER $1.2 BILLION in additional funds (combined):


Valentine’s Day Fun Facts!

We associate so many things with Valentine’s Day… cards, chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners just to name a few. But where did it all begin, and what are the stories behind the traditions?

This article is chock full of Valentine’s Day history:


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