Liberal Politicians Want to BAN Your Natural Gas Usage

People having a choice is not what Democrats want, they want the power to control your life. Mayor Johnson and his “Carbon Footprint” friends are joining forces to ban natural gas usage for all new homes and businesses in Chicago. These radicals said the The Clean and Affordable Buildings Ordinance is a baby step in combating the climate change myth at a local level. Of course, Democrats cherry picked businesses that would be exempt, which makes no sense at all. Our way of life is changing at a rapid pace due to Democrats crafting poor policies which they say are good for human life. They act as if we don’t have a natural immune system and God made trees don’t absorb carbon monoxide. A great solution to “capture more carbon” is to plant more trees, specifically in cities. People playing God and claiming to be leaders of the Green New Scam are dangerous and pushing their ideology for the sake of politics. So we’re shutting down coal powered plants, banning natural gas, and cutting trees down for solar farms to create a better life for people? I’m afraid we all will soon have a huge wake-up call from dismantling a way of life that has worked for years.

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Photo Credit: Quinn Myers/Block Club Chicago