Rep. Miller Responds to Tim Mapes Guilty Conviction


Springfield, IL…Tim Mapes, a longtime friend and Chief of Staff to Mike Madigan has been sentenced to 2.5 years behind bars. Mapes was convicted of lying to a federal court to protect Madigan at all costs. State Representative Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro) is happy to see justice served and says Madigan is next.

“For years, Tim Mapes was used as a shield to hide the corruption within the Madigan crime family and his prison sentence is fully justified,” said Rep. Miller. “I think Chicago corruption is much deeper than what we think, and crooked Madigan is next up for his convictions that have plagued our state with distrust.”

House Republicans continue to put pressure on Democrats to acknowledge there is a major problem in Illinois with corruption. The Republicans have commonsense solutions to quickly halt corruption, but those on the other side of the aisle refuse to sit down and talk. HB 4119 prevents defendants from pulling campaign money to fund their legal defense, like Madigan has done.

Rep. Miller continues to applaud the efforts to end Chicago corruption and to hold crooked politicians accountable for their actions.

House Republicans show their hand with ethics reform solutions:

  1. House Bill 4119 – Prohibits elected officials from using political campaign donations to pay for criminal defense. 
  2. House Bill 1277 – Benefit or annuity payments to a member or participant in a retirement system or pension fund shall be suspended if the member or participant is charged with a felony. 
  3. House Bill 4286 – Provides for a three-year revolving door ban on lobbying. 
  4. House Bill 4288 – Requires the Executive and Legislative Ethics Commissions to make reports available within 60 days of receipt. 
  5. House Bill 4289 – Amends the Lobbyist Registration Act to expand the definition of “officials” to include more positions at the local level and expands the definition of “lobbying.”