Rep. Chris Miller: Champaign and Coles County Set to Receive OSLAD Grants


Springfield, IL…Several counties across Illinois will soon receive grants to improve public parks and nature areas. The Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development (OSLAD) Program will be funding projects for Champaign and Coles County in the 101st District. State Representative Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro) says the funding will benefit families and the communities.

“The efforts to improve and expand forest preserves and recreational areas in the 101st District is fantastic for families who enjoy outdoor activities,” said Rep. Miller. “Investing in the preservation of our land builds a happier and healthier community for everyone that enjoy what our parks and preserves have to offer.”

 The (OSLAD) Program is a state-financed grant program that helps fund public parks and open land which is managed by the Department of Natural Resources. The grants are only eligible for local government agencies.

Champaign County will receive $1,125,000 to expand existing forest preserve by about 150 aces.

Coles County and the city of Mattoon will receive about $600,000 to improve recreational areas such as the Marina and campgrounds.

Both these grants will have a direct impact on the public and will ensure the safety and preservation of land for families to enjoy. Investing in the improvements of conservation is not just great for nature, but also the well-being of people who use the outdoors as an outlet to relax and unplug from day-to-day work life.