Quality of Life in Illinois has Declined Under Democrat Leaders

The quality of life in Illinois continues to decline under Democrats and their agendas. No one can deny that inflation, high taxes, and poor public policies have Illinois residents, specifically middle-class workers, stretching their dollars just to make ends meet. Just four years ago, economies were booming, and our country was alive. Fast forward to the Biden and Pritzker era, and the county including Illinois have seen a degraded workforce, morale, community safety, and affordable essentials that families need.

According to BLS data, $1 today has the same purchasing power as just $0.85 in January of 2021.

In surveys from the third quarter of 2023, nearly half of Americans (47.9%) stated that they were very stressed about price increases.


Illinoisans need about $11,600 MORE just to have the quality of life they did in 2021

The price of everything has skyrocketed in Illinois. To make matters worse, Democrats are happily spending hard-earned tax dollars from citizens and using the money to make illegal immigrants feel right-at-home.

More people are having a hard time paying bills and covering expenses now than in 2021.


Illinois Car Insurance Going Up

Premium increases for new and renewing customers during 2023 totaled $1.25 billion, a consumer group found, with State Farm and Allstate raising rates by the largest amount.


Groceries have Skyrocketed

See more increases here: https://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/ag-and-food-statistics-charting-the-essentials/food-prices-and-spending/

Unfortunately for Illinois, the list of cost increases runs deep. However, we can change lanes in Illinois with competent leaders who care about the families in this great state. It’s possible to have a strong local economy that strives from growth, low taxes, and less regulations. History has proved that having a free market opens the door for businesses and lowers the cost of products for families. Yet progressive Democrats have their priorities set in stone: pork projects within their Districts. This model has proved to be a disaster and failure for Illinois families. Republicans have sound solutions, but will Democrats budge from their ideology and influence?