Rep. Miller Visits Open Southern Border


Springfield, IL…State Representative Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro) visited the southern border to see firsthand the out-of-control border crisis. The surreal experience of watching the fabric of America being torn apart has Rep. Miller sounding the alarm on the security threat to Illinois and our nation.

“Pritzker is helping the Biden administration funnel illegal immigrants into our great country with tax dollars and incentives,” said Rep. Miller. “I witnessed illegals crossing over wired barricades and border patrol agents helping them with ladders. This is an invasion on American soil, a threat to our nation, and is undermining our sovereignty.”

Democrat led cities, including Illinois, have been rolling out the red carpet to illegal immigrants and applauding the status of being a sanctuary state. That is, until it becomes a burden. Illinois is one of the top destinations for illegals to call home. According to New York City Hall, 2,369 plane tickets have been issued for illegals leaving New York to make their way to Illinois.

As of now, Illinois spends an estimated $2.9 billion per year for free services provided to non-citizens. Our state is at a breaking point, as well as residents in the communities. It’s a sobering time to enforce our laws, protect our citizens, and use taxpayer money for public services rather than funding Democrat agendas.

“Illinois resources are being drained and taxpayers are fed up with funding services to illegal immigrants,” Rep. Miller continued to say. “Communities are being turned upside down, drug cartels are being empowered, and criminal networks are expanding. The solution is simple: close the border, build the wall, enforce our federal laws.”

The southern border can be open or closed under the Biden administration.