Weekly Newsletter from Rep. Miller

A Pro-Life and Free Speech Victory

And a Strong Rebuke to Radical Illinois Democrats

Law called “Stupid and Very Likely Unconstitutional” Shut Down

This week Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul agreed to a permanent injunction on a bogus law that aimed to shut down the free speech of pregnancy centers.  The law would have fined pregnancy centers under the deceptive business practices or consumer fraud statutes for informing women of the risks related to abortion.

Judge Johnston placed the original injunction in place on August 3, 2021, just days after Gov. Pritzker signed the bill into law. In doing so, Johnston said, “SB 1909 is both stupid and very likely unconstitutional. It is stupid because its own supporter admitted it was unneeded and was unsupported by evidence when challenged.”

Read the details here from the legal team that fought the case

Huge Victory for Illinois Pregnancy Help Ministries: SB 1909 Halted by Federal Judge (thomasmoresociety.org)

Rep. Miller Discusses the Negative Impact of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is destroying the fabric of our country in more ways than one. Federal law prohibits anyone to enter the United States of America illegally. Our government took an oath to protect the people of the states and they should be doing just that. Instead, they continue to instill fear into our residents by letting drug cartels walk across the border and setup shop in our local communities. The Biden “Come to America for FREE” circus is causing several states to pull money from taxpayer’s wallets to fund programs for non-citizens. Low-income American families could use the millions of dollars being thrown around, but not on Pritzker’s watch, because non-citizens come first in the Democratic play book. Furthermore, Pritzker is asking Biden to eliminate the $500 fee associated with obtaining a work permit!


Illegal immigration is a very serious and ongoing crisis impacting Illinois communities and taxpayers. Health care systems are being clogged and slowed down dramatically for actual tax paying citizens due to this crisis. How does it make any sense that a hard working family struggles to make ends meet to pay a healthcare co-pay, and yet thousands of illegal immigrants waltz across our border and receive all the free care they want? This policy is America last.

When Republicans talk about this issue, the left likes to just label us as racist and totally gaslight the conversation. Let me be clear, we welcome people to migrate to our great nation legally. We have laws for a reason. We simply have no country if we have no borders. I’m calling on Democrats to take action that keeps our residents safe and stops the influx of thousands of illegal immigrants every day into our public systems. We cannot sustain this spending spree by the supermajority.

U.S. Supreme Court Denies Request to Halt Illinois Gun Ban

Without explanation, the United States Supreme Court declined to block an Illinois law that, beginning next year, will ban the sale of automatic assault-style rifles and large-capacity magazines. The ban, implemented by Democrats, is known as the Protect Illinois Communities Act and has faced criticism from supporters of the 2nd Amendment who view it as unconstitutional for allowing some individuals to own and use assault rifles while prohibiting others.


However, Full Repeal of Law Expected by Challengers

“The Supreme Court denied our emergency appeal – hopefully because they are waiting for our official cert petition,” Hill posted on X, formerly Twitter. “The Court has taken serious notice of this case twice, & we look forward to giving them the opportunity to weigh in on the merits.”

Read More Here: Full appeal expected after SCOTUS denies emergency injunction against Illinois’ gun ban | Illinois | thecentersquare.com

Despite gun ban registry rules not yet being finalized by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, Illinois gun owners are still required to register guns on the gun registry list by January 1, 2024. 

Illinois Nuclear Ban Lifted

Governor Pritzker finally signed a measure that allows the introduction of new small-scale nuclear technology in Illinois. The lifted moratorium on nuclear energy development has now paved the way for the development of small modular nuclear reactors (SMR’s) within the state. SMR’s offer a promising alternative to traditional nuclear power plants and can be built at a fraction of the cost. They also have more enhanced safety features and are more flexible in their applications.


CTU President Doesn’t Think She Has To Pay Her Utility Bills

Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates was $5,100 behind on her water, sewer and garbage services before starting a payment plan in July 2023. Despite making more than $289,00 a year, she immediately defaulted on that plan and as of November 7, owed the city $5,579.

Gates’ tenure as CTU president has been filled with controversy including taking a homestead exemption on an Indiana home she doesn’t live in to killing school choice in Illinois for low-income kids while putting her own son in private school. CTU has also come under fire from its own members for using member dues for politics.

This is as hypocritical, irresponsible and inept as it gets, folks.

Learn more: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/chicago-teachers-union-president-owes-city-5579-for-utilities/

Illinois Manufacturing Jobs Continue To Slide

Manufacturing jobs hit a new low for 2023, down 7,800 this year and well off the peak of 570,700 jobs in January. Illinois’ toxic combination of high taxes, an anti-business environment and the nation’s worst credit rating have combined to plunge the state into the 2nd worst loss in manufacturing jobs among neighboring states.

This Wirepoints article also maps out the national manufacturing landscape by comparison:


Something Fishy Here

The Biden Administration propped up the electric vehicle (EV) charging company ChargePoint to support the president’s climate change agenda on several occasions. As of August, ChargePoint operates the largest public network of EV charging stations in the U.S.

President Biden went on to appoint ChargePoint’s CEO, Pasquale Romano, to the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, a group of private sector and government officials tasked with advising Biden. Despite the appointment, Romano stepped down as CEO of ChargePoint. Between the day before and the day after he announced he was leaving, ChargePoint’s stock tanked nearly 40%


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