My Favorite Holiday Traditions Continue this Year

Christmas time is a time to unwind, enjoy the company of friends and family, cherish gift giving, and partake in holiday traditions, both new and old. For some, Christmas traditions remain orthodox, and others offer quite a twist. From eating a holiday delicacy, to watching a beloved Christmas film, to driving around the town looking at decorations and lights, all traditions are a special time for bonding and reflection of the year.

Although the Christmas Season encompasses multiple facets, arguably the most important is spending time with loved ones. This tradition, while not labor intensive like cutting down your own tree, is difficult when orchestrating around almost forty different schedules, which is what Rep. Chris Miller does every Christmas when scheduling an annual Christmas photo at the family farm.

“With seven children and twenty grandchildren, it is hard to be at one place all at once,” said Rep. Chris Miller. “At Christmas, we prioritize getting together for this tradition and adding another family picture to the album. It is so amazing to see the growth our family achieves year in and out,” concluded Rep. Chris Miller.

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