Rep. Miller Discusses The Negative Impact of Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is destroying the fabric of our country in more ways than one. Federal law prohibits anyone to enter the United States of America illegally. Our Government took an oath to protect the people of the states and they should be doing just that. Instead, they continue to instill fear into our residents by letting drug cartels walk across the border and setup shop in our local communities. The Biden “Come to America for FREE” circus is causing several states to pull money from taxpayer’s wallets to fund programs for non-citizens. Low-income American families could use the millions of dollars being thrown around, but not on Pritzker’s watch, because non-citizens come first in the Democratic play book. Furthermore, Pritzker is asking Biden to eliminate the $500 fee associated with obtaining a work permit!,get%20more%20migrants%20to%20work.

Illegal immigration is a very serious and ongoing crisis impacting Illinois communities and taxpayers. Health care systems are being clogged and slowed down dramatically for actual tax paying citizens due to this crisis. How does it make any sense that a hard working family struggles to make ends meet to pay a healthcare co-pay, and yet thousands of illegal immigrants waltz across our border and receive all the free care they want? This policy is America last.

When Republicans talk about this issue, the left likes to just label us as racist and totally gaslight the conversation. Let me be clear, we welcome people to migrate to our great nation legally. We have laws for a reason. We simply have no country if we have no borders. I’m calling on Democrats to take action that keeps our residents safe and stops the influx of thousands of illegal immigrants every day into our public systems. We cannot sustain this spending spree by the supermajority.

Migrant issues dividing state’s Democratic power brokers:

“I will always fight for the American people and support legislation that protects our communities. I will not sit back and watch our country be invaded by drug cartels and human traffickers while Pritzker disarms American citizens.”