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Absolutely Insane

Illinois simply can’t afford to be a sanctuary state.

A recently revealed report shows that total state spending (projected and committed) on illegal migrants since August 2022 exceeds $708 million. Apparently Governor Pritzker thinks money grows on trees, because he recently committed an additional $160 million to Chicago for migrants alone. This egregious Democrat spending does not even include non-citizen healthcare which is expected to reach over $831 million- $300 million more than what was budgeted.


Meanwhile, Democrats are whining about the disastrous consequences of their own reckless and irresponsible policies and instead are blaming right wing extremism for the chaos.


From the Center Square:  U.S. Supreme Court dockets another challenge to Illinois’ gun ban

Two weeks ago, State Rep. Dan Caulkins’ case got on the docket at the U.S. Supreme Court. Then, on November 29th, the Naperville gun case challenging both Naperville’s and Illinois’ gun law ban was placed on the docket at the high court.  

In the Naperville case, Justice Amy Coney Barrett ordered the state to respond to the plaintiff’s motion by December 6th. The plaintiffs are asking for an injunction that would prevent the state from enforcing the gun ban law while they wait for the high court to take up one or both cases.

Read more from this article: U.S. Supreme Court dockets another challenge to Illinois’ gun ban | Illinois | thecentersquare.com

Jobs (Not Taxes) Kill Poverty

Licensing requirements by state governments on dozens of professions make it harder for people already facing challenges to find gainful employment. In fact, research shows that changing an occupation from unlicensed to entirely licensed creates a 29% reduction in employment.

Being worse than six other Midwestern states when it comes to occupational licensing, Illinois increases the burden on below-average income earners instead of helping to lift them out of poverty.

Read more: https://www.illinoispolicy.org/illinois-licensing-makes-escaping-poverty-harder-than-in-other-midwestern-states/

Unemployment And Violent Crime Go Hand In Hand

Governor J.B. Pritzker’s recent dishonest portrayal of the current state of Illinois to Crain’s Chicago Business is particularly offensive when it comes to employment and crime. He also refuses to acknowledge high taxes, massive pension debts and the abysmal education system among many other woes that we all have to deal with every day.

This Wirepoints article explains in detail how Pritzker’s spin doesn’t jive with reality,

and should be insulting to every Illinoisan: https://wirepoints.org/gov-pritzkers-dishonest-spin-on-chicago-crime-illinois-jobs-wirepoints/

Democrats Deep-Sixed Scholarship Program Without Having The Facts

Illinois’ only publicly funded scholarship program, the Invest in Kids Act, is set to expire at the end of the year, and Democrat House Speaker Chris Welch didn’t even bring the fate of the program’s future up for a vote during the fall veto session.

What makes matters even worse, the Act mandated that the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) publish annual reports tracking the scholarship recipients’ educational gains against public school students. ISBE completely ignored the mandate. This not only left lawmakers uninformed, it made them susceptible to pressure from special interest groups who opposed the Act.

The Illinois Federation of Teachers, the Illinois Education Association and the Chicago Teachers Union were the staunchest opponents of Invest In Kids and made unsubstantiated claims that there was no evidence that the program was beneficial for students and took money away from public schools.

In reality, these groups are in competition with private schools and Democrats need them to do their bidding. https://www.illinoispolicy.org/illinois-mandated-annual-reports-on-invest-in-kids-4-years-no-reports/

Cell Phones Don’t Lie. People Do.

If you have watched any recent true crime TV shows, chances are you know that law enforcement often catches bad guys with evidence from cell phones. While Governor Pritzker continues to try and sell the fantasy that Illinois’ economic health and recovery are humming along just fine, a study of cell phone activity in downtown Chicago tells the real story. https://wirepoints.org/what-cell-phone-activity-tells-us-about-chicagos-downtown-recovery-wirepoints-quickpoint/

Beautiful Illinois Farmland! We are blessed to live here.

Merry And Bright!

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