Pritzker’s Denial of The Violent Crime in Chicago

Pritzker’s denial of the violent crime in Chicago is costing lives and putting residents at-risk. There is no denying crime continues to spiral out of control, specifically in Chicago. It’s unfortunate for residents that Democrat policies clearly do not work and their safety is at-risk every day. Pritzker likes to put his own spin on Chicago crime for good sound bites, but the reality is crime is out of control and police officers have been handcuffed from preserving law and order.

According to Pritzker, violent crimes plaguing Chicago are down, but that’s far from the truth.

Murder, criminal sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated battery are the leading crimes that affect residents every day once they leave their home. The big picture reflects violent crimes are growing in Illinois and Democrats seem to have a blind eye to see the truth. Their progressive policies are fit for criminals but the same policies instill fear into law-abiding citizens and ultimately cost lives. Pritzker’s approach to protecting Illinois residents has failed miserably.

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