Fake Meat will not “Save the World”

UPSIDE Foods, a California based company, will soon be producing lab-grown meat in Glenview, Illinois. This company cultivates animal cells in labs with bioreactors. What’s really concerning is that the FDA has approved this method of “food” production. Rather than producing meat from a living animal, this company wants to play science god and save the environment, animal welfare, and human health.

There should be very hard questions asked about this company’s production from start to finish. Their website reflects bioreactors for all production. Former employees from UPSIDE Foods say the company’s advertisement is misleading to the general public. For example, employees grow sheets of tissue in plastic flasks, called roller bottles, and combine them to create larger pieces of chicken. This process, not only is alarming, but is expensive and requires several hours of labor to produce small amounts of so-called meat. Another employee would apparently joke around about this startup being the next Theranos- a blood testing company that imploded over fraud.

Read more here: www.wired.com/story/upside-foods-lab-grown-chicken

UPSIDE Foods announced the company has plans to build a 187,000-square-foot facility Glenview, Illinois. With many questions yet to be answered, this production of fake meat should be concerning to everyone. Humans have been consuming real meat throughout history with no real evidence pointing to a negative impact it has on our environment. Make no mistake, cultivating animal cells and adding ingredients to mimic real meat is ridiculous. These activists want to transform our world as we know it without a worry of how it will impact our agriculture industry and economy. They want us to stop eating real meat, but will they try to force wild animals from hunting to feed their pack? The ideology behind cultivating animal cells to improve carbon emissions is mind-blowing. This is nothing but another push for the Green New Deal.

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