Dallas Mayor Switches Party Affiliation to Republican

Mayor Eric Johnson, a longtime Democrat, proudly switched his political affiliation to Republican. His move turned Dallas, Texas into the largest city in the country with a GOP mayor. Eric Johnson has been a Democrat Legislator in Texas for 9 years prior to being elected as Dallas mayor in 2019.

His switch to Republican makes sense and he made it pretty clear why he switched. His vision for Dallas aligns with GOP common sense legislation that benefits communities: low property taxes, support for law enforcement, and creating a business- friendly environment.

Eric Johnson had this to say:

“Mayors and other local elected officials have failed to make public safety a priority or to exercise fiscal restraint,” Johnson wrote in the op-ed. “Most of these local leaders are proud Democrats who view cities as laboratories for liberalism rather than as havens for opportunity and free enterprise.”

“Too often, local tax dollars are spent on policies that exacerbate homelessness, coddle criminals and make it harder for ordinary people to make a living,” Johnson wrote. “And too many local Democrats insist on virtue signaling — proposing half-baked government programs that aim to solve every single societal ill — and on finding new ways to thumb their noses at Republicans at the state or federal level. Enough. This makes for good headlines, but not for safer, stronger, more vibrant cities.”

The mayor’s comments speak volume on the issues across the country.

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