Rep. Miller Wants the Second Amendment Protected


Springfield, IL… Yesterday, the Illinois State Police (ISP) held a committee meeting to discuss the Illinois Firearm Ban. Constituents and local Legislators, including State Representative Chris Miller (R-Hindsboro) packed the room to voice their concerns over the Protect Illinois Communities Act that the Governor swiftly signed into law. Rep. Miller is outraged over this political power grab.

“Our Second Amendment rights are being attacked by progressive Democrats who are targeting law abiding citizens and threating them with criminal charges if they refuse to register specific firearms with the ISP,” Rep. Miller said. “Our constitution is the foundation of our freedoms, and we must protect it, or we will become a communist country.”

The Protect Illinois Communities Act was signed in law earlier this year by the Governor. The law bans specific firearms, ammunition, and magazines. The supermajority happily embraced this law saying it will reduce crime. Republicans see it as infringing on our constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. Although the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the law is constitutional, lawsuits continue to be filed and the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to look at this case.

California recently deemed a weapons ban is unconstitutional, which will likely have an impact on Illinois’ law.

“Pritzker attacks everyone who believes in the original intent,” Rep. Miller continued to say. “It’s imperative we stand up against anyone, including our government, who wants to strip away our God given rights and I will continue to fight the Democratic party of tyranny.”