The Reigniting Illinois’ Strong Economy (RISE) working group is focused on improving Illinois’ business climate. The group has proposed legislation to bring growth and hope for a brighter future in Illinois. 

Reigniting Illinois’ Strong Economy (RISE) with Tax Reductions
House Republicans are dedicated to reforms that improve our business climate to bring job creators and opportunities home to Illinois. Businesses in Illinois deserve relief from property tax rates – that are the second highest in the country – in order to unleash our state’s true economic potential.

Making Illinois a Pro-Growth State with Business Reform
Republican House members believe that with real state government reforms, Illinois will have everything we need to see businesses and families grow. Those reforms will bring real economic growth taking full advantage of our state’s location as the country’s transportation hub, our best in the nation, highly-skilled workforce, along with our highly-ranked universities.

Economic Growth Depends on a Responsible Energy Policy
Every business needs reliable affordable energy to work – especially our manufacturing sector. House Republicans filed common sense legislation to protect Illinois’ grid and ratepayers.

Protecting Illinois Job Creators through Litigation Reform
The threat of frivolous lawsuits keeps small business owners awake at night and Illinois small business owner suffer from acute insomnia. Ranked as the 3rd worst state in the nation for litigation costs, our state is ripe for reforms that will better protect business owners and show companies and entrepreneurs that Illinois is open for business.

The legislation introduced by the RISE working group will lower taxes, decrease burdensome regulation, control excessive litigation, and promote affordable energy to improve our communities and allow future generations to prosper. More >>