Illinois Firearm Ban Update

Controversial “assault weapons” ban moves toward implementation, despite continued court challenges. The new Protect Illinois Communities Act purports to ban large categories of firearms, firearm fittings, and ammunition fixtures, from possession by Illinois residents. A limited exception is carved out for persons who legally acquired any of these items prior to January 10, 2023, but to take advantage of the exception an Illinois resident is legally required to file an online endorsement affidavit with the Illinois State Police. The State Police have posted an online portal for Illinoisans to provide access to the affidavit-filing process. As of Thursday, October 12, more than 1,500 such affidavits had been filed with the State Police. The filer of the affidavit is required to describe the items to be grandfathered in under the new law and must affirm that they were acquired or purchased prior to January 10, 2023.

Persons concerned about the new law say that this online filing will give the State Police more data about where guns are in Illinois, and the data points can be used to compile a database. Firearms rights advocates have also raised other concerns. The State Police endorsement affidavit was created pursuant to emergency rule. A legislative panel, the Illinois Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, will discuss the assault weapons endorsement affidavit rule on Tuesday, October 17.

“We must fight to protect our God given rights to keep and bear arms while maintaining the responsibilities that come with owning firearms,” Rep. Miller said. ” No one is arguing that tragic events should be ignored, but the “Protect Illinois Communities Act” is simply a ploy to disarm law abiding citizens from exercising their Second Amendment Rights.”

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