Navigator CO2 Withdraws Pipeline Permit in Illinois


October 13, 2023

Springfield, IL Navigator CO2 decided to withdraw their controversial carbon dioxide pipeline permit application in Illinois. This decision comes just two weeks after regulators in South Dakota rejected the company’s application to build a portion of the pipeline in their state. State Representative Chris Miller (R- Hindsboro) thinks the withdraw should be permanent without question.

“This company is not bothered by eminent domain concerns from many farmers and landowners,” Rep. Miller firmly stated. “The Heartland Greenway pipeline project is part of a government agenda to reduce emissions by transporting high-pressure carbon dioxide in a liquid form to Illinois for sequestration underground.”

Navigator CO2 is based out of Nebraska and is pushing to address the myth of “climate change” but has demonstrated its approach puts private land and communities at-risk.

In early 2020, a Mississippi pipeline ruptured resulting in over 40 people sent to the hospital and more than 300 evacuated from the town of Satartia. The devastating rupture released over 31,000 barrels of CO2.