Democrat Policies on Illegal Immigrants Costing Taxpayers

The Democrats are hurting American citizens every day by applauding an open border. While Republicans agree our country is where the American Dream is created for all, there is also a legal process to become an American citizen. The Governor on the other hand, welcomes all illegal immigrants into Illinois with taxpayer funded healthcare along with other perks. Additionally, rental assistance funding for citizens has been diverted to help pay for migrant care.

It’s clear as day, Illinois cannot afford to pay for thousands of illegal immigrants. The red flags were on display during lame duck session, behind closed doors, as Democrats crafted bills that benefit illegal immigrants that come to Illinois. When does the spending spree stop? Chicago prides itself as being a sanctuary city as migrants are being housed in the city’s airport and police stations. Furthermore, there has been talks of spending $30 million (taxpayer money again) on military style tents for the winter months. It’s ridiculous that Illinois has come to this point. With money being spent like there’s no tomorrow, the governor is now pleading for help from the federal government.

This disaster unfolding in Illinois started in Washington with leaders who refuse to close our border. We need immediate action taken to protect American citizens. Our country is being invaded and states across the county, including Illinois, are paying a high price for not enforcing immigration laws . Our border needs secured, our laws need to be applied, and we need leaders who will work for the American people.

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