Rep. Miller’s Newsletter (8/28/23)

State Rep. Chris Miller’s Statement on Guilty Verdict in Tim Mapes Trial

August 24, 2023

Charleston, IL… State Representative Chris Miller (R-Charleston) recently issued the following statement regarding the guilty verdict in the corruption trial of disgraced former Speaker Michael Madigan’s chief of staff, Tim Mapes:

“It’s no surprise that disgraced former Speaker Michael Madigan’s longtime chief of staff, Tim Mapes, has been found guilty in his corruption trial,” said Miller. “Illinois Democrats have fostered a culture of corruption that encourages using mob-like tactics against political opponents, intimidating, and bullying anyone and everyone who threatens their unrelenting grip on power. This behavior is disgraceful and has no place in our society. Let’s hope that the Democrats’ criminal enterprise continues to be uncovered, rooting out corruption that has plagued Illinois politics for far too long.”

AFSCME Contract Makes Illinois’ Pension Crisis Worse

Illinois’ public employee compensation is $31K higher than the private sector, and Governor Pritzker just awarded members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) union 19% pay raises and $1,200 signing bonuses.

At a time when Illinois can ill afford this type of enormous payout, the ripple-effect of this irresponsible commitment will be felt throughout the entire state budget, sucking us all deeper into the financial abyss.

Nuclear Energy Bill Vetoed

Two weeks ago, Governor Pritzker issued a TOTAL VETO of a bipartisan, supermajority-passed bill that would have lifted the state’s 35-year old moratorium on the construction of new nuclear power plants.

Apparently, it is more important for him to protect his precious landmark climate bill (the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act, otherwise known as CEJA) than it is to do what’s best for the citizens of Illinois and even the organized labor groups that are typically Democrat allies.

Catering to environmentalist groups is good politics for Pritzker.

Let’s see where the money trail leads.

Negative National Attention – Again

Foreign Spies Welcome?

Not only has Illinois become virtually lawless, now Governor Pritzker has created the real possibility for foreign spies to join the Illinois police force by signing House Bill 3751 under the guise of mitigating the police recruitment crisis.

He’s not fooling anyone.

If he really cared about supporting the police in Illinois, he would rescind the public policies that are pro-criminal (like his SAFE-T Act) and pursue convictions.

Take a deep dive into the horrific consequences this bill could unleash on our state:

Job Security for Illinois Politicians

Wirepoints’ Ted Dabrowski joined Jeff Daly on his Decatur radio show (WZUS) to discuss Illinoisans’ increased dependence on Medicaid, the state of our public education, Governor Pritzker’s attack on free speech and more.

Listen here:

The Slow, Painful Truth

Ford CEO Jim Farley recently tried to make a cross-country road trip in the Ford electric F-150, and the reality of his experience was an eye-opener.

“Charging has been pretty challenging,” he said in a video on X. For example, in California, using a low-speed charger, it took him about 40 minutes to charge the truck’s electric battery to 40 percent.

In addition to the charging issues, the American Automobile Association (AAA) reported in June that battery ranges drop significantly when hauling heavy cargo, which is exactly what the Ford F-150 is expected to do.

While Ford is being forced to slash their EV prices, they are also looking to partner with Tesla (and maybe learn a thing or two).

Congratulations, Atwood!

What To Do With All Those Tomatoes!

If you planted tomatoes this summer, chances are they’re coming in fast and furious right about now. Here are some easy recipes that will help you enjoy them!

This tomato soup recipe is very flavorful and can be frozen for later!

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