Rep. Miller’s Weekly Newsletter (8/12/23)

Illinois Supreme Court Decision on Gun Ban forces Citizens into Costly Lawsuits Just to Protect Constitutional Rights

Charleston, IL…Today the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the gun ban law that prevents certain classes of people from purchasing or selling a variety of guns based on characteristics of the weapon.  The law, passed during lame duck session on January 11, 2023, has been challenged in both state and federal court.  The decision today comes from a lawsuit filed by State Rep. Dan Caulkins. His lawyer, Jerry Stocks argued the law violates equal protection laws as it treats classes of legal gun owners differently including allowing “grandfathered” gun owners to own the prohibited firearms if they register them.  Stocks also argued that citizens have the fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.

“I am very disappointed to see that the bought-and-paid-for Illinois Supreme Court has upheld the Democrats’ unconstitutional gun grab,” said Miller. “The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms, and severely limiting that is a dangerous precedent that only sets the foundation for completely disarming the population, allowing a tyrannical government the opportunity to erase the rights and liberties we enjoy every single day. I’m hopeful that the challenges in federal court end with a different decision and that this God-given right is upheld for not only Illinoisans but for Americans around the country.” 


Where’s the Beef?

At the Illinois State Fair!

Recently Published in The Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois borrowed $4.5 billion from the federal government to pay unemployment claims during the pandemic and every single dollar that was borrowed – plus hundreds of millions more, $5.24 billion in total, – was stolen.

Did you catch that? The Pritzker administration borrowed money that taxpayers were on the

hook to pay back only to hand it over to thieves because they didn’t do their job and cross check information. It’s unbelievable and inexcusable. The fraud went on for three years and no one has been fired for letting it occur.

A scathing report published last week by the Illinois Auditor General laid out the details about the stolen “overpayments” during the COVID pandemic fiscal years of 2020-2022. These payments went to fraudsters, including $46 million to incarcerated criminals and deceased people.

The report makes it clear that the Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) was negligent and incompetent in performing its duties. The report states, “IDES did not comply with all state and federal statutory and administrative requirements for processing and auditing claims.” The report also says IDES did not implement recommended tools to prevent fraud for over a year and that important cross checks of information were completely ignored.

Reports of stolen personal information related to fraudulent claims were given directly to IDES very early during the pandemic.

The IDES knew there was a problem. They even spent over $226 million on outside contractors to help process claims and they, too, failed to implement the checks needed to reign in the fraud. Unbelievably, no one has been fired. Instead, Governor Pritzker has shrugged his shoulders and gave the IDES director a new job as the head of the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.

The Pritzker administration finally paid back the money owed to the federal government earlier this year, but not before taxpayers also had to pay $70 million in interest on the borrowed funds – again, for money that went entirely to fraudsters. To replenish the depleted unemployment insurance fund, employers will now be taxed more for many years.

In a state that has world class institutions and businesses that run sophisticated financial systems, this should have never happened. We need to demand better from our government. Every instance of fraud should be prosecuted, every overpayment clawed back, every contractor audited for their performance.

Illinois State Representative Brad Halbrook (R-Shelbyville)

Pritzker Vetoes Bill that Would Have Lifted Moratorium on Building More Nuclear Power

SB76 would have lifted the 1980s moratorium on the construction of new nuclear reactors in Illinois. The bill passed in both chambers with WIDE bi-partisan support.  Governor Pritzker caved to special interests and vetoed the bill on Friday.  This is nonsensical given that the Governor wants the state to rid itself (even though it is impossible) of fossil fuels.  There must be a back-up source of energy to support wind and solar when it isn’t windy and sun isn’t shining.  Vetoing this bill tells you just how ideologically focused the Governor is when it comes to policy.  In the Illinois House the vote was 84-22, with 3 voting Present. 

We need nuclear power and it has safely powered our Navy ships since 1955. Opposition to expanding nuclear reactors whether large or small is short-sighted especially for the environmentalist crowd that is concerned about a climate crisis.

Pritzker vetoes bill that would have allowed new nuclear construction | Local News |

Culture Of Death

Governor Pritzker signed two bills into law Friday which, among other things, will require insurance coverage for medication abortion and hormone therapy for people who want to change their gender (even though that is not biologically possible).

Democrats like Illinois State Representative Kelly Cassidy are obsessed with sex and like to paint Republicans as aggressive and hateful for wanting to protect unborn babies and children from harmful Democrat policies.

What they clearly don’t understand is that we do not make our LIFEchoices based on their horrifically bad decisions.

Scary Stuff

Forget prosecuting violent crime, J.B. Pritzker wants to go after anyone who doesn’t agree with him and his authoritarian party.

On Friday, he put his contempt for free speech on full display by saying this on CNN:

“There ought to be a private right of action for anybody that’s dissuaded or told something that’s false, that’s the important thing. What they say to people, that’s fine, as long as what they’re doing isn’t deceptive. And we have laws against that. It’s fraud in our state and we’re going to prosecute people for that.”

If left up to Democrats, Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul would have the power to decide whether or not what you’re saying is ‘truthful’.  

Pretty rich coming from a group of people who make a living off of lying.

Constitutional and legal expert Jonathan Turley goes on to explain why our governor is one of the most dangerous threats to our country’s framers’ First Amendment.

The Left’s insatiable appetite for the criminalization of speech is truly terrifying.


Court Shuts Down Attempted Propaganda Takeover By The Left

Last week, U.S. District Court Judge Iain Johnston put a hold on a law written by Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul and passed by Governor Pritzker that was intended to stifle pregnancy crisis centers from spreading ‘misinformation’.  

The judge said the law was ‘stupid and very likely unconstitutional’.

Once again, Democrats are trying to control the narrative to suit their political agenda.

First Amendment rights be damned.

Butter Cow!

The 2023 Illinois State Fair is underway, and this year’s ‘butter cow’ has been officially unveiled.

The cow was sculpted by artist Sarah Pratt and was inspired by dairy farmer Lorilee Schultz from Orangeville, IL. The theme of this year’s fair is ‘Harvest the Fun’.

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