Rep. Miller’s Newsletter (7/18/23)


Photo from Sun Times article July 13, 2023

TTX rail car company to movel headquarters from Chicago to Charlotte, North Carolina – Chicago Sun-Times (

On Thursday, Crains’ Chicago Business (and others) reported that TTX Railcar Company HQ is moving to Charlotte, NC.

From the article, “The company and North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper announced this week that TTX will bring 150 jobs to Charlotte for its new main office when it opens next year. TTX will move its top executives from the company’s office in the 23-story building at 101 N. Wacker Drive, though some employees may remain in the Chicago area and work remotely.”

The Chicago Tribune on the same day reported that Kraft Heinz will open a new $400 million distribution center that will employ 150 people for warehouse operations.  

Lose 150, Gain 150 – What’s going on?

Illinois is a good place to locate for rail and for distribution.  Illinois ranks second in the nation for the number of miles of rail and third in the nation for interstate miles. We have numerous important inland ports in the Chicago area and a large airport for shipping of goods in Rockford in addition to O’Hare. Simply put, Illinois connects goods from coast to coast.

So, the question is why are we losing jobs in the rail sector? Pritzker should explain.

Illinois Refuses To Cut Taxes

Largely due to the federal COVID relief funds that were handed out all across the country, states are now flush with cash, and as of March 2023, 22 states have cut their income tax.

Not Illinois.

Governor Pritzker and his economically illiterate party is using the extra cash to


The Truth Behind Illinois’ Pension Crisis

It’s not about residents not paying enough.

It’s about politicians raising salaries and not funding pensions.

Learn more about the pension crisis, the current status of the harmful SAFE-T Act, the ongoing Jenny Thornley worker’s comp scandal and why Illinois lawmakers refuse to cut taxes in this radio interview with Wirepoints’ Ted Dabrowski:


Instead of funding the police and enforcing the law, one of the most recent stupid things Illinois decided to spend $30 million of YOUR COVID relief money on is hiring ‘peacekeepers’ to address the skyrocketing crime. Bad-idea founder, Tio Hardiman is sure to benefit from spending money that doesn’t belong to him in this losing proposal.

His ‘violence interrupters’ wouldn’t have stood a chance stopping the horrific wave of armed robberies, shootings and murders that took place in Chicago over the past weekend.

But let’s be honest. That’s not what Hardiman and Illinois Democrats care about anyway.


While Governor Pritzker continues to try and pull the wool over our eyes about Illinois’ economy, the reality is


Since Gov J.B. Pritzker took office in 2019, Illinois has had the 10th-worst GDP growth rate in the country, has consistently had one of the worst unemployment rates in the country (currently 5th-worst) and has experienced almost no economic growth in 2023.

Not looking good, Illinois.

Unsold Electric Vehicles Piling Up

While manufacturers and dealers wait for customers to show up, the number of unsold electric vehicles (EV’s) at American dealerships is up a whopping 342 percent in the 2nd quarter compared to the 2nd quarter of 2022.

According to consumer intelligence company JD Power, more Americans are unwilling to buy EV’s largely due to price and the lack of a public charging infrastructure. Other concerns include range anxiety, time required to charge and power outage and grid concerns.

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