Rep. Miller’s Newsletter (6/24/23)

In One Year – Planned Parenthood Illinois sees 54% Increase in Abortions 

Charleston, Illinois:  Tomorrow pro-life Americans around the country will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision, which ended Roe v. Wade after nearly 50 years and returned decision-making on abortion back to the states.

Following the Supreme Court decision, numerous states enacted laws to limit abortion, including almost every state bordering Illinois.  In anticipation of the eventual overturning of Roe, Planned Parenthood has been opening abortion businesses in towns along the Illinois border since 2018.  This map shows abortion sites that have opened (not all Planned Parenthood) within the last five years and two more that are in the works.

In a recent interview Planned Parenthood Illinois noted that abortions are up 54%, that out of state clients are up 25%, and that the number of abortions performed after 16 weeks has also increased. Abortions after the first trimester are more complicated and dangerous, and more profitable for the abortion industry.

State Representative Chris Miller responded to the above news saying, “We have a lot to celebrate one year after the Dobbs decision. An estimated 25,000 babies have been saved from abortion because of the vigilance of the pro-life community for 50 years.  I am thankful for the pro-life activists that continue to work to help women in crisis pregnancies choose life.

Unfortunately, in Illinois, the response to limits on abortion in other states has made our state, with its very permissive abortion laws, a destination for women seeking an abortion.  It is not a growth industry we should be proud of and we must double our efforts to reach out to women in need.

Appallingly, every year Illinois Democrats find more ways to make taxpayers fund the killing of babies. Included in this year’s budget is $18 million for an abortion hotline and training program that will make it easier for women to get an abortion in our state. Democrats in this state also passed SB1909 which aims to shutdown pro-life pregnancy centers by criminalizing their speech and outreach to women. The Democrats prove with their actions that they oppose both a women’s right to choose and oppose life.

I will always defend the life of the unborn and work to help women choose life.”

FOID card legal battle moves forward in Sangamon County

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) — Attorneys presented oral arguments Tuesday morning in the Sangamon County court battle over the constitutionality of FOID cards in Illinois. 

Guns Save Life founder John Boch believes it is unconstitutional for the state to require people to have a license before they can buy guns.

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More COVID Fraud Needs to Be Prosecuted

Illinois House Bill 3304 has been placed on Governor Pritzker’s desk, and he has until August 8 to act on it, or it will automatically become law.

The bill extends the statute of limitations for the prosecution of any fraudulent activity connected to COVID-19 related programs which include the Paycheck Protection Program, the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program and the Unemployment Benefit Program.

How To Get Paid for Doing Absolutely Nothing

Illinois State Senator Patricia Van Pelt no longer takes part in the legislative process but has refused to resign from office, and Senate Majority Leader Don Harmon can’t appoint a replacement for the District 5 seat and its more than 218,000 residents. Sources claim that they didn’t see Van Pelt cast a single floor vote or take part in any committee hearings during the last legislative session. Democrats haven’t pushed for the seat to be filled, since they enjoy a supermajority and don’t need her vote.

How does that sit with you, Illinois taxpayers?

Habitual Lying Doesn’t Change The Truth

FACT: People continue to flee Illinois.

Our state’s capitol, dubbed ‘The Bad Idea Factory’ for a reason, continues to crank out disastrous Democrat policies at a dizzying speed. How many times will Illinois put its head in the woodchipper before it wakes up?

The list of reasons people for people to leave continues to grow, and Democrats OWN THE LIST. It includes (at a minimum) gross incompetence, greed & corruption, woke policies, failing schools, obscene taxes, eroding energy independence and a hostile business climate.

People are fed up and so are businesses. Illinois suffered the nation’s 3rd worst loss of businesses to other states in 2021.

Democrats can congratulate each other all they want based on their own fake narrative, but the numbers tell the real story.

Two More Reasons To Hold Off On Buying An Electric Vehicle

As we are being lectured daily by virtuous climate change zealots (and those who are poised to be enriched by the ‘green industry’) we are also uncovering more reasons to question all of it.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the range of an electric vehicle (EV) can fall by up to a quarter when made to carry a heavy load. Not only that, EV’s lose range during the winter months’ freezing conditions.

Add to that the cost of replacing an EV battery (averaging $15,000 to $23,000) and the fact that EV fuel prices are now surpassing gas-powered vehicles, the reasons are stacking up to sit tight until we have more of the facts. Read about the growing list of concerns here:

Taking The High Road

As Governor Pritzker blusters around claiming that businesses will want to come to Illinois because our state can offer their employees abortions, there is another man paving the way for businesses to operate in a better and more ethical way.

Michael Seifert is the CEO and founder of PublicSq which is an app designed to link patriotic businesses with “quality products, services and exclusive discounts.” He didn’t like the anti-family direction he saw the world going in, so he decided to offer his employees $5K bonuses when they have a baby or adopt a child to counter the ‘destructive’ push toward abortions.

Handmade~ Homemade~ Illinois Made

From coffee to baseball bats to popcorn, Illinoisans are crafting wonderful products all across the state! The Illinois Makers program celebrates the small businesses whose uniquely Illinoisan style and creativity are setting them apart.

Visit this website to view the Illinois Made Guide:

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