Rep. Miller’s Weekly Newsletter (June 19, 2023)

“For the last 69 years we’ve had a ‘climate crisis and we’ve gone from one thing to the other,” Miller said. “When I was a kid we had global cooling and we were going to have the great freeze, and four billion people were going to die; and then we went to global warming, where the Earth was going to turn into a frying pan.”

“One of the common threads that links all of these ideas together is none of it ever happened and, guess what, none of it is ever going to happen,” he said. “We aren’t going to be destroyed by CO2 and I would suggest that probably most the people in this body don’t even know what carbon dioxide is; here’s a good dose of it.”

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Getting Around the District

Please let me know if you would like me to attend one of your local meetings whether it is a local government, chamber of commerce, or story time with children. Contact my office for scheduling.

Newman Freedom Festival. Great food, great people!

Two Hefty Pay Raises Within One Year


As Democrats’ election-year tax break gimmicks are expiring, Illinoisans will once again be burdened with grocery and gas tax hikes while legislators reward themselves with yet another pay raise. Governor Pritzker recently approved a budget with unsustainable spending, having increased it from $38 billion to over $50 billion in just five years.

Being a billionaire himself, that apparently doesn’t faze our Spender-In-Chief, and he is running around the state with reckless abandon, spinning and justifying Springfield’s irresponsible behavior.

Men Can’t Get Pregnant. PERIOD.

This Public Service Announcement Due to Illinois Democrats Continuing Assault on Reality.

And Making You Pay for Nonsense.

This nonsense has gone way too far. It’s not only harming and confusing our children, it is undermining and disrespecting the unique gifts that only women possess.

Call yourself what you want, but if you were born with XY chromosomes, you are a biological male and cannot get pregnant. If you were born with XX chromosomes, you are a pregnant WOMAN. And by the way, MEN, you can pretend to be a woman, but you have an unfair physiological advantage competing in women’s sports too- something women have fought so hard for.

A minute group of people should not be forcing their ‘language’ on the rest of us and bully us when we disagree. But that’s what’s happening in the Illinois State House.  House Bill 1596 will require replacement of all gender language in the state’s child welfare and juvenile court rules. It will also require employees of the state’s Department of Children and Family Services to record and address parents and children by their preferred pronouns. It’s “pregnant person” now, not “pregnant woman”.

Illinois Is Handing Indiana Business On A Silver Platter

As Illinois’ electric carmaker Rivian gets booted from the Nasdaq-100 for shrinking too much, St. Joe County, Indiana hauls in $3.5 billion for a new GM/Samsung EV battery complex. It will be the largest economic development in the county’s and possibly the state’s history.


While Census, IRS and U-Haul data all continue to show people fleeing Illinois, Governor Pritzker and Democrats insist they’re all wrong. They point to a Post Enumeration SURVEY released last year that indicated the state was undercounted in the 2020 Census by nearly 2%.

Mark Your Calendars!

The first Illinois State Fair was held in 1853 at a site on the west side of Springfield. Admission was 25 cents. Various cities hosted the event until 1894 when Springfield became the permanent home.

This year’s fair is August 10-20.

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