Rep. Miller’s Newsletter (6/5/2023)

Behind Pritzker’s ‘Balanced’ Budget:

Tax Hikes, Killed Scholarships & Pay Raises For Legislators

These are just a few of the things we know are in the 1,000+ page budget that was just passed (and only a handful of Illinois lawmakers were allowed to scrutinize). We may never know what else is buried in there.

TAX HIKES: Last campaign season’s ‘tax break’ gimmick that Illinois Democrats cooked up is set to expire June 30th.  Among other things, expect your groceries and gasoline to keep getting more expensive under this regime.

KILLED SCHOLARSHIPS: Democrats could have voted last week to extend Illinois’s only school choice program, the Invest In Kids scholarship fund, but they chose not to. Governor Pritzker is now saying that the Illinois General Assembly (ILGA) can resurrect it during November’s veto session, but this is FALSE. For school planning and tax purposes, this program needed to be extended with a Spring Session vote.

His REAL goal? You guessed it. Fix the failing schools’ problems with more federal money-

Democrats’ answer to everything.

PAY RAISES FOR LEGISLATORS: As long as they were being greedy about everything else, Democrats also voted to give themselves a pay raise. Why not? It’s only fair that they get in on the action.

REgressive Mayor’s First Memorial Day Weekend

During the deadliest Memorial Day weekend in Chicago in 8 years, 53 people were shot and 12 were killed. After demeaning police in his first speech as mayor, Brandon Johnson then had the nerve to participate in a ‘Peace March’, and he activated over 30 ‘peacekeepers’ to patrol the streets over the weekend. Very unserious solutions to Chicago’s gun violence and certainly no consolation for the victims and their families.

Democrats want to exploit the problems in their cities to give the federal government more reasons to wield their power on just about every issue and step in at every level. Failing schools? More federal money. Illegal immigration? More federal money. Poverty, homelessness and drug addiction? More federal money. Covid? More federal money. Crime? More federal money. You get the picture.


Taking away your control over the most personal aspects of your lives is very intentional.

The Worm In The Apple

As the Wall Street Journal points out (in the article linked below), some of the nation’s largest and most powerful teachers unions are explicitly telling their branches to build power and go on the offense to fight for social and racial justice.  Meanwhile, the union heads are spending obscene amounts of money on enriching themselves and getting their preferred political candidates elected.

They are betraying public school teachers, parents and, most importantly, the most vulnerable students in the country who are desperately in need of the hope for their future that a quality education would provide.

They are shamefully capitalizing on the very students they claim to be championing.


High Voltage Gaming

The Illinois General Assembly recently passed House Bill 3445 giving the energy company Ameren Illinois the right of first refusal to build transmission lines in downstate service areas, essentially giving them a monopoly.

Some claim that this is just Democrat back-peddling to try and fix the potentially disastrous Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) that Governor Pritzker signed into law in 2021 (and then proceeded to fly his private jet around the world to brag about his leadership in aggressively phasing out carbon emissions).

But it could be something more.

Let’s follow the money, shall we? (#ComEd4)

Chicago’s Major Newspapers Don’t Want You To Know

It’s called intentional, professional negligence.

The majority of Americans now know the truth behind four relatively recent, major national scandals, and most of the biased mainstream media has already fessed up to their complicity (to some extent). But in Chicago, the Tribune and Sun-Times have entirely blocked out the coverage of these stories:

  • Biden family influence peddling
  • 51 top former U.S. national security officials perpetuated the Russia hoax to help get Hillary Clinton elected
  • The FBI lacked the evidence it needed to start the investigation of Donald Trump’s campaign
  • The federal government is behind 50 different organizations who are trying to restrict the news you receive

And they wonder why their readership is at an all-time low.

Exciting day in Rep. Miller’s district!

Groundbreaking of the new Mattoon Sports Connection, cultivated by Rural King!

We also enjoyed a ribbon cutting at his Charleston office!

So Many Options For Summer Fun!

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