State Rep. Chris Miller Advocates for Extending the Invest in Kids Scholarship Program

Charleston…State Rep. Chris Miller (R-Oakland) recently issued a statement of support on extending the Tax Credit Scholarship Program, also known as “Invest in Kids”:

“Invest in Kids is an incredible program, and it needs to be extended to ensure our kids can thrive in the classroom,” said Miller. “This program provides vital scholarships to deserving families that allows them to choose where their kids go to school. Each child has unique needs, and this Program allows children to go to the school that best fits those needs.”

The Invest in Kids Scholarship Program is a program where taxpayers can receive strong partial tax credits when they donate to non-profit organizations that provide private school scholarships.

Additionally, several organized labor unions have recently come out in support of the extending the program. The Laborers, Carpenters, Electricians, Operating Engineers, and Plumbers unions have released a letter outlining their support, explaining that the program “…has provided almost 38,000 scholarships since the inception of the program to low and middle-income families to choose a school that best fits their children’s needs.” The letter can be found below.

More information can be found here.