Rep. Miller’s Weekly Update (April 7, 2023)

Something to Brighten Your Day

First calf for the season – a very stressful, completely breech birth. I haven’t seen this for 50 years.

Max and Isaac were able to push down and get feet up for a live birth.

A miracle!


Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day Speech

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Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Won’t Comment

Even though Governor J.B. Priztker gave more than $1 million each to the campaigns of justice candidates Elizabeth Rochford and Mary O’Brien, Chief Justice Mary Jane Theis won’t comment on whether the two (now seated on the bench) should recuse themselves in a case challenging the Illinois gun ban that the governor signed on January 10th.

Lift The Illinois Nuclear Power Construction Ban

The Illinois Senate recently approved a bipartisan measure that would lift a 1980s-era moratorium on nuclear power plant construction.

Senate proponents of the bill (SB76) said that lifting the ban would help the state attract investment in new technology.

Illinois Driver’s Licenses For Non-Citizens?

That’s what State Representative Barbara Hernandez (D-Aurora) is proposing, and the measure (HB3882) has support from Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias.

The bill would allow non-citizen residents who are currently eligible for a “temporary visitor driver’s license” (TVDL) to instead obtain a “standard” driver’s license that can be used as identification. It would be available to individuals who have lived in Illinois for over one year but do not have a social security number, and may or may not have government documentation authorizing their presence in the United States.

Opponents describe this bill as an attempt to turn undocumented individuals into documented individuals and could create a system that is ripe for voter fraud.

91/102 Illinois Counties Lose Population In 2022

While Illinois’ most populous counties (Cook and DuPage) are losing the largest number of residents, population decline is also happening in the state’s more rural areas.

Illinoisans are choosing to leave the state for better housing and employment opportunities, but the number one reason they’re leaving is the state’s overwhelming tax burden.

All of the above reasons are a result of poor public policy in Illinois.

91 of 102 Illinois counties lose population in 2022 (

It Doesn’t Matter If They Can’t Read

Talk about getting it backwards…

State Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago) is making an effort (with HB 2401) to require that Illinois students be exposed to literature from diverse backgrounds.  The bill would require school districts to make sure that reading assignments include authors who have diverse backgrounds and cultures.

There are 30 schools in Illinois where not a single student is proficient in reading.

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