State Rep. Chris Miller Responds to Budget Address


February 16, 2023


Pritzker Takes Credit for Cleaning Up Democrat Problems with Federal Money

Charleston, Illinois – February 16, 2023. Yesterday, Governor Pritzker proposed the largest budget in state history. In a noon address before the Illinois General Assembly at the Capitol in Springfield, Governor Pritzker noted the financial improvement of the state over the last four years and pledged even more money in new spending.  His nearly $50 billion budget proposal includes millions in new tax credits for special interests and more spending for failed programs. Absent from the speech was any mention of Illinois’ worst in the nation credit rating, only that Illinois has improved its credit rating due to the huge influx of federal money. Likewise the Governor did not mention the continuous outmigration of people for the last decade as families and businesses flee to lower taxed states. Instead of addressing the abysmal academic proficiency of students, the Governor touted his inclusion of nearly a billion dollars more for education initiatives. 

After sitting through the nearly one-hour speech, State Representative Chris Miller and fellow members of the Republican caucus held a press conference to add their perspective.  Rep. Miller remarked, “Illinoisans should note, excessive taxes, regulation and spending has never in history led to more prosperity and that’s entirely what Governor Pritzker asked for and Democrats applauded in today’s budget address.”  Miller went on to say, “Governor Pritzker took credit for cleaning up 20 years of Democrat unbalanced budgets using federal COVID relief funds.  He then proposed billions in more spending while our neighboring states, at the same time, are putting in permanent tax cuts.  The Governor’s plan to spend more will lead to higher taxes and is not a winning strategy.”


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