Reps. Niemerg, Caulkins, Halbrook, Miller & Wilhour Call on Speaker Welch to Schedule Special Session Immediately to Suspend Gas Tax

Teutopolis, IL – State Representative Adam Niemerg (R-Dieterich) is calling on Illinois House Speaker Chris Welch to call a Special Session of the House of Representatives to address the high cost of motor fuel on families and small businesses. House Bill 5732, sponsored by Rep. Niemerg and a growing number of legislators including Reps. Dan Caulkins, Brad Halbrook, Chris Miller, and Blaine Wilhour, is the specific legislation they want debated and a vote called to pass it. This bill would take effect 30 days after passage to give stations time to program all of the changes into the system and for the Department of Revenue to send out the rules.

“My proposal known as the Motor Fuel Tax Relief Act would suspend the Illinois motor fuel portion of the gas tax which is 44 cents per gallon right now,” explained Rep. Adam Niemerg. “The projected revenues for the state will still be higher than last year’s revenue even with the four month suspension. This legislation has a number of co-sponsors who agree that our families are hurting with these high taxes as well as our farmers and businesses trying to provide products for our communities.”