Miller: Illinois Democrats Reject Decency

SPRINGFIELD…The Illinois House, in the dark of night, has passed an amendment that eliminates the protections granted to Illinois residents under the Healthcare Right of Conscious Act and eliminated Parental Notification of Abortion. State Representative Chris Miller (R-Oakland) has released the following statement in response:

“Last night, Democrats did two things that you need to know about:

First, they passed an amendment to the Illinois Healthcare Right of Conscience Act that takes away the protections you had to refuse healthcare that violates your beliefs. They actually limited the autonomy you have over your own body. They did this at the bidding of our dictator governor, with his never ending executive edicts, who believes he can AND SHOULD subject you to mandatory “healthcare.”  

Next, despite the fact that the vast majority of Illinois residents support parental notification of abortion, they forced through a bill to repeal it! Illinois Democrats just took away a parent’s right and responsibility to know when their minor child undergoes a serious medical procedure.

Democrats call decent people of faith all kinds of horrible names, but what they have done has only one name: Evil. John 3:20 says, “Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed.” Well, they may not come to the light, but we can shine a light on their choices.”