Rep. Miller Statement on Passage of Amendatory Veto of Budget Bill

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Chris Miller (R-Oakland) issued this statement following the passage of Governor Pritzker’s amendatory veto of SB2800:

“Democrats continue to play games with the people of Illinois. A few weeks ago, they dropped a last-minute, 3000-page budget on lawmakers giving us and the general public little time to view what was in it. Weeks later, we found in addition to the $1 billion in pork projects, critical drafting errors that would rule the budget inoperable. This budget was so poorly put together that the drafters themselves did not know what was in it, let alone be able to catch basic drafting errors. To fix these errors and protect Democrat pork projects, Leader Welch implemented a new remote voting rule, one that was reserved for COVID purposes. Instead, they implemented a “COVID” rule simply to protect their own interests. Like my constituents, I am tired of the games. The people of Illinois should not have to abide by the continual embarrassment brought on by the Democrat party.”