Rep. Miller on Passage of FY22 Budget

Springfield… State Representative Chris Miller offered this statement on the Democrat’s state budget passed today on a party-line vote:

“The budget rammed through tonight is a monstrosity of burrowed funds, tax increases, and out-of-control spending. The lack of fiscal responsibility during a year in which our government shut down businesses and stalled the economy is irresponsible, but unsurprising, of the Democratic majority. Like the maps, this budget was created behind closed doors and was dropped at the final hour with little time to see what was even in it. This budget includes hundreds of millions in new discretionary spending and asks our small businesses to pay for it. People will continue to leave Illinois because of budgets like this.

Because of Democrats, we once again do not have a truly balanced budget. We once again have hamstrung our job creators. And we once again watched as the democrat-led General Assembly chose to put a tremendous burden on future generations. The majority ought to be ashamed of what they did, but we know their shame knows no limits.”