Rep. Miller’s Statement on the Passage of HB2789

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Chris Miller (R-Oakland) offered the following statement concerning the passage of HB2789 in the House of Representatives last week:

“Last week, the Illinois House of Representatives passed HB2789, a bill that would allow the Illinois Department of Public Health terrifying new control over your life and the education of your children. The language states that it “Provides that the IDPH shall establish requirements by rule for providing in-person instruction at nonpublic schools and public schools that include, but are not limited to, personal protective equipment, cleaning and hygiene, social distancing, occupancy limits, symptom screening, onsite isolation protocols, and shall provide those requirements to nonpublic schools and public schools with the assistance of ISBE.” Further the language states that if schools fail to uphold these mandates that “the Department has the authority to take the appropriate action necessary to promote the health or protect the safety of students, staff, and the public, including, but not limited to, closure of a classroom, gym, library, lunch room, or any other school space until such time that the Department determines that the violation or violations have been remedied.

Using COVID as cover, it is a clear power grab by a public employee union who seem to think they know better than you and your community on how to educate your children. For the language to include “nonpublic schools” which includes Christian, private, and home schools, shows how far they wish to intrude on your life. This bill literally would allow the State of Illinois to shut down your homeschool if IDPH found you in violation of their rules. This goes too far!

The good news is that at this time both the Illinois State Board of Education and IDPH themselves are against the bill. However, that alone will not prevent it from moving forward. We need to let our senators know that this legislation will not be tolerated. We need to let them know this is an attack on the liberty of all Illinoisans. I urge everyone to contact your local state senator and make your voices known.”