Rep. Miller Promotes Reimagine Illinois

OAKLAND… State Representative Chris Miller (R-Oakland) wants to let his constituents know about Reimagine Illinois, the House Republican Caucus’ vision to improve the quality of life for Illinois citizens by making improvements in state government.

“Today, my fellow House Republicans released our comprehensive plan to Reimagine Illinois,” said Rep. Miller. “This plan articulates what we as Republicans stand for. This plan is an outline for how we can turn Illinois around from the decades of mismanagement by the Democrat party who continue to take advantage of the Illinois taxpayer.”

Reimagine Illinois is supported by four main components: ending the culture of corruption, responsible fiscal leadership, growing jobs and opportunities for our families, and ensuring public safety. In addition, House Republicans put forth a comprehensive list of over 80 pieces of legislation that will support the plan. You can learn more about Reimagine Illinois by visiting

“As we advance our agenda, I look forward to discussing these items with my fellow lawmakers and, more importantly, my constituents. I hope you will take the time to learn about our plan and make your voices heard about how we can reimagine Illinois,” concluded Rep. Miller.

If you would like to contact Rep. Miller or have him come and speak at events, please reach out by visiting, or by calling 618-546-0044.