Rep. Miller’s Statement on Governor Pritzker’s Signing of HB3653

SPRINGFIELD… State Representative Chris Miller (R-Oakland) issued a statement following Governor Pritzker’s signing of HB3653:

“Today, I believe Governor Pritzker made a grave error by signing HB3653. As I have previously wrote, this legislation does little except make Illinois less safe for all its citizens. The bill calls for several drastic changes including ending cash bail, mandating the use of body cameras, reducing the use of force allowed by officers, and allows the anonymous filings of complaints against officers. Like many of my colleagues, I believe common ground can be found on these issues and we could have worked towards real, meaningful criminal justice reform. However, this approach by Governor Pritzker proves he has little interest in the safety of his citizens. This is a bad bill that endangers Illinoisans and greatly harms the ability of our officers to do their duty. I call on my fellow members of the General Assembly to work to undo this reckless bill and find solutions that benefit all of Illinois.”